Below are a number of relevant examples of publications describing the coverage of the work done in recent years in areas related to the utilization of geothermal energy.

Latest Publications

Geothermal pilot hole, phase 1b:

Scientific final report of the project “Geothermal pilot well, phase 1b”. The report is the result of work under Working Package 2 (WP2) and is financially supported by EUDP (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program) under the Danish Energy Agency. The main purpose of this report is to provide the best basis for a prediction of relevant reservoir parameters (depth, thickness, transmission capacity, production capacity, etc.) for the Upper Trias to Lower Jurassic Gassum Formation, as well as the overlying Lower Jurassic Karlebo unit in northern Copenhagen. The results obtained will form the geological basis for a decision on the location of an exploration well which will be drilled later.

Read more about Reservoir prognosis of the Gassum Formation and the Karlebo Member within two areas of interest in northern Copenhagen

A WebGIS portal for exploration of deep geothermal energy:

Describes the background of the WebGIS portal, as well as its content, functionality and perspectives.

Read more about A WebGIS portal for exploration of deep geothermal energy

Essential Authority Reports:

Drejebog om Geotermi: (in Danish)

Best practice script on the establishment and operation of geothermal plants for the production of heat for district heating plants. Description of methods and tools that can be used as inspiration for the development and implementation of concrete projects.

Læs Drejebog om Geotermi

Den danske garantiordning for geotermi: (in Danish)

Describes the Danish guarantee scheme for geothermal energy for which funds have been allocated.

Læs her Den Danske Garantiordning for Geotermi

Important scientific publications:

Pre-drilling assessment of average porosity and permeability in the geothermal reservoirs of the Danish area

Important paper that describes a method of comparing and quantifying geological data in order to assess the geothermal potential.

Læs artiklen: Kristensen, 2016

Popular Articles:

A multidisciplinary study of a geothermal reservoir below Thisted, Denmark:

An article describing a multidisciplinary study of a geothermal reservoir in the area below Thisted.

Read the Article: Hjuler, 2014

Geothermal energy in Denmark:

A short article describing the early geothermal exploration in Denmark as well as an overview of the Danish subsurface, potential geothermal reservoirs and important geological parameters related to geothermal energy.

Read the Article: Nielsen, 2004

International project cooperation:

GeoPower InterReg project:

Geopower is an Interreg 4A project in the Syddanmark-Schleswig region. It aims to promote the exploitation of geothermal energy in the Region of Southern Jutland-Schleswig. The results of the project have been developed to understand the geological structure of the subsurface across the border between southern Jutland and Schleswig

GeoPower Final report
Read GeoPower Poster – EGU 2016

Other popular articles:

Geotermisk energi, Energien under vores fødder: (in Danish)

NOAH article that explains in a straightforward way geothermal energy and the perspectives of exploiting it in Denmark.

Læs om Geotermisk energi, Energien under vores fødder