Research results

The purpose of the project has been to increase our knowledge of the sandstone reservoirs that previous studies have shown in the Danish underground and with particular focus on whether they are suitable for contributing to the Danish energy supply with geothermal heat. The purpose has also been to provide knowledge that can point to areas with a high and safe potential, areas where further information is required and areas with high risk. This classification has significantly strengthened the security of the decision base for further exploration and optimal utilization of geothermal energy, as well as contributing to ensuring the best possible future management of the subsurface for the production and storage of hot water.

The project has focused on increasing the understanding of geological and geophysical parameters that are most important for optimal utilization of geothermal potential. The project has analyzed all available relevant geological and geophysical information, as well as integrated new data, methods and models to define, map and characterize the potential geothermal reservoirs.