Exploration of the geological possibilities for storing hot water in the Danish subsurface


Although the WebGIS portal focuses on geothermal topics and themes in the depth range between 800 meters and 3000 meters in the Danish subsurface, GEUS has in recent years investigated and evaluated the possibilities for geological heat storage in deep formations both in and below the Chalk Group, i.e. in a depth range that also covers 400-800 meters depth.

  • In the Aalborg area, it was investigated whether sandstone reservoirs under the Chalk at the depth of 500 to 1000 meters can be used for heat storage. The report is part of the project “Evaluation of the potential for geological heat storage in Denmark”, granted under the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP). The report is in Danish and has been prepared by GEUS with contributions from Aarhus University:
    Læs mere om undersøgelse af de geologiske muligheder for lagring af varmt vand i undergrunden ved Aalborg
  • The project called ‘HTES’ (High Temperature Energy Storage) aims to demonstrate a new seasonal storage technology by examining the possibilities for storing hot water in the Chalk at the depth of 400 to 800 meters in the Copenhagen area. The project is supported by EUDP, with DTU, Ross, Geo, Awell, Engineering Houses and OE3i as project partners. The report is in English and covers the first phase of the project. The report contains a collection and review of the existing data material, including geological, geophysical and geotechnical data, as well as the construction of a numerical groundwater and reservoir model:
    Read more about Examining the possibilities of establishing thermal storage in the chalk/limestone aquifer in the greater Copenhagen area; phase 1