Geothermal energy from sedimentary reservoirs – Removing constrains for large-skala utilizations


GEOTHERM is a research project supported by the Innovation Fund (Inovationsfonden), which aims to remedy and remove remaining geological, technical and commercial constraints that prevent increased use of the significant geothermal resource in the district heating infrastructure. The project thus contributes to the Danish energy strategy to switch to green technologies.

GEOTHERM integrates for the first time three main components: Science (geology), Technology (production and injection) and Distribution of hot district heating water.

  • Focusing on the entire geothermal life cycle, ensuring continuous constant production, as well as the geothermal saline circuit from reservoir to the plant on the surface and back to the reservoir.
  • The project will also ensure stable operation and realization of commercially profitable geothermal projects, by describing the governing key elements for utilizing geothermal energy and for optimal integration into district heating infrastructure. The project will also develop a business case model for large-scale utilization of geothermal energy.


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